A Pre-Reading Unit on TKAM
The Overviewdill.jpgBy evaluating certain documents and images of real-life Alabamans during the Great Depression in the 1930's, 112 students will learn about character, theme, setting and narrative style in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird.
classes will acquire skills in media literacy, rhetoric and oral history.In order to collaborate easier with team members, wiki technology will be used to record work, evaluate the background of the novel, and even create a town poem.
Twenty-eight teams will make wikis by collaborating on assignments, editing, revising and publishing their work.

The Procedure

Member 1= REDMember 2= BLUEMember 3= GREENMember 4= ORANGEGroup work,will be in BLACK* When making new pages, use the last two numbers of the year and group number first before giving the page a title, like this one: 1224 Part One
  • The team home pages can be accessed here.
  • Read this message from Mr. Turtola

Complete the tasks to earn 160 points:
Part One:
Using American Memory
Part 1 A:
20 pts
Part 1 B:
20 pts


Part Two:Historical Understanding of Setting
Part 2 A:15 pts
Part 2 B:15 pts

Part Three:
Exploring Oral History
Part 3A: ind 40 pts
Part 3A: grp 10 pts
Part 3B: ind 10 pts
Part 3B: grp 10 pts


Part Four:
Writing Connection
Part Four:20 pts
Due 12/18


Spend the first day:-- registering for an account at wikispaces.com
-- joining the ce-wiki (upper left hand corner, click JOIN)
-- learning how to make a wiki,
-- discussing ideas online with teammates with the discussion tool.

  • Each group of four students will have its own home page, and each member of the group with have a corresponding color to identify his/her individual work for credit:For example, Year + Group 1: 1201