shakes.gifThe RJ Wiki Project

The Scholars' Wikispaces

For this 100-point project you will create a wiki portfolio of written work on Romeo and Juliet.

Here is what you will need to do:

You will be making individual pages in this project, so to avoid overwriting other people's work,always title the pages with your user name first and then the page title. For example: jillvsummary, jillv8quotes, jillvsongs, etc.

First, make a front cover by including:
  • an artistic representation of the play, including the title and author. (10 points)
  • a table of contents- make links to the other pages you will make for this project. (10 points)
  • your first name and last initial.

Then make 6 additional wiki pages (each item should be it's own wiki page):
  1. A general summary, encouraging others to read the play, that doesn't give away the entire plot. (10 points)
  2. Eight quotes from the play that are especially important to the plot development, theme or characterization. Write the quotation, including the scene and line number, and tell who said it. (2 points each, 16 for all) Then, in a short paragraph, explain why the quote is important. (2 points each, 16 for all) Extra credit (5 points) if you can put an audio or video file on the page so the viewer can hear and/or see the quote. You may write each paragraph below the quote or link each quote to a paragraph. remember to use your username first and then the title for each new wiki page.
  3. Do a character study by completing this assignment first. Save your work on a word document and then link it or paste it onto a wiki page. (10 points)
  4. Choose a soundtrack of 3 songs that relate to some of the scenes in the play. For each scene, select a song that matches its mood and/or action. (3 points) Fill out this worksheet.
  5. Write a 6-8 sentence paragraph explaining why the songs you chose reflect on the action or mood of the play (3 Points). Extra credit if you embed the song so the viewer can hear it.(2 points)
  6. Your own critical review of the play. This is basically a wiki-essay where you offer comments about the meaning of the play, that is, what Shakespeare's message was and how his themes are universal (they transcend time and place). First pick a theme you think is important. Here is a list of possible themes you can use. Write a clear thesis that you can support with details and remember to comment and explain rather than list and summarize. Then use a three part structure (intro (thesis), body (support) and conclusion) and provide at least 2 cited quotes from reliable sources that support your views as well as 4 cited quotes from the play itself. You may use wikipedia as a starting off place but not as a primary resource. In other words, you may not quote from wikipedia. Do not plagiarize anything from your research. (30 points)