1. For our exploration of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby you will keep personal reading notes and responses to certain passages, some of which you’ll post to the wiki.
  2. Come to class each day having selected one passage from that day’s reading you find particularly meaningful, intriguing, or confusing—in any case, a passage that draws you in, attracts your intellect, emotions, senses, or all of the above.
  3. As you read the novel, mark interesting phrases, vivid description, exciting events, or other parts of the story that evoke an emotional, intellectual, or some other response from you.
  4. For each day we spend on the novel, there will be a few of you assigned to share and discuss your passage selections and responses. Even though certain people will be designated to lead a discussion each day, EVERYONE should come prepared, having read and selected at least 1 excerpt that caught your attention.

Here is the schedule we’ll follow for discussing our selected passages, by chapter. Write notes based on each passage you choose, and bring those notes to each class discussion, so you can contribute something to our discourse. I expect us to engage in a lively discussion and debate. You will receive credit for each passage analysis/response that you do.

Guidelines for doing a passage analysis/response

The Essay

Your passages will be used later in an essay you write about one of the themes in the book.
Place the link to your passage response on one of the theme pages listed below and use that page as a resource for your essay.


Historical Cultural Socio-Political Climate of the 1920’s

Social Class Distinctions

The American Dream