Wiki is a Hawaiian phrase (wiki-wiki) that means "do it quickly".

  • A wiki page is a page that you can create online very quickly. In it, you can work on a project with a partner without being in the same place or at the same time.
  • A wiki is an editable web page that can only be edited by the approved members of the wiki.
  • The most common wiki that you know about is Wikipedia, a common searching tool used by students; it is a wiki because it is edited constantly by approved members. For that reason alone, it is not always considered to be a reputable or reliable resource because its authors are not necessarily creditable.

To begin, sign up for a Wikispaces account.
Your user name is your first name and last initial. Make up a password that you will remember (the blog pw is just fine) Sign up for the account here. After registering, go to #1.
  1. Once registered, request membership by clicking on Join this Wiki. Go to the ce-wiki here.
  2. When accepted into the wiki, you will be able to create new pages for the project. Access the project here.
  3. You and your partner(s) will also be able to edit the pages and save the work you all do on them.