English 063 Introduction to the Essay

Paul Turtola, Instructor
Syllabus and Schedule

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Peer Review Information
Peer Editing Assignment
Self Evaluation Form

Previous Readings

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Review the methods of development (rhetorical modes):
*** Classification
**external image msword.png Midterm Essay.doc
external image msword.png Persuasion is All Around You

Writing Prompt
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  • external image msword.png process essay.doc
  • Portfolio Page Model

    Descriptive Essay in your portfolio needed to describe this picture (from page 97) and has this criteria:

    Concrete words
    Sensory imagery
    A spatial order.
  • By today you should have
    • Read Chapter 8 Process on page 100
    • Read Chapter 15 Part D: The Process Essay on page 215
    • Placed your Process paragraph on your portfolio.

    60 minute Timed Prompt
    Today in class, choose topic #10 or #11 on page 109 and write a process paragraph. Print and submit it to me by 10 AM.

By now
you should have done these three readings:

1. Chapter 10: Comparison and Contrast pg 123

2. Chapter 15 Part F: The Comparison or Contrast Essay pg 220

3. external image msword.png Comparison and Contrast Essays.doc

Be prepared for a timed writing prompt on a compare and contrast essay.

  1. Complete the prompt below
  2. Use the graphic organizer to generate and organize your ideas before writing the essay.
  3. Print the organizer and the essay.
  4. Submit them by 10:30 AM
  5. When finished with the prompt, you are dismissed.
  6. Remember the portfolio is due by noon on 12/19.


external image pdf.png compare.pdf

external image msword.png compare and contrast essay.doc

By 12/19

Your portfolio wiki should contain final drafts of these works in this order:

Expository Essay
Descriptive Essay
Narrative Essay
Midterm Essay
Process Essay

Be sure to test your portfolio pages to insure that they open and contain the correct file. Your grade depends on it.