A close examination of culture may enable us to understand the way that all people think, behave, and have a philosophy of their world.

Understanding similarities and differences of many cultures can help better communicate our goals towards answering many of the philosophical questions in life.

In this project, we will study types of culture and draw distinctions between them.

Your wiki page needs to act as a resource for writing the essay.

It should include links to:
  1. websites
  2. music, pictures and videos
  3. literature
  4. people
  5. events

Ideas for the essay

After choosing a topic from the left, begin to build a website that provides informative content about the following cultures:

  • Australian Lance and Tom
  • South Asian Brenna and Taylor
  • Eastern AsianHannah and Gabby Cait M
  • Middle Eastern Ashley and Michaela
  • African Alexis, Kellie,Cait E
  • South American Matt and Eric
  • Central America Max and Maggie
  • Native America Ravi and Doug

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