Your pages are looking good! As you are completing your wiki pages, take another look at your selections for Friends, Fans, Applications, and News Feeds. What you write in those sections shouldn't just be random entries. Think about what would be appropriate for your character. For example: On Antigone's page: What other people have defied a government or broken a law? They'd make great friends for Antigone. On Creon's page: For News Feeds, find links to stories about other rulers who rule with a strict hand. Creon would like those rulers and find their stories inspiring. On Haemon's page: For Applications, a link to a dating and relationship site--how to deal with a tragic loss in a romantic relationship. On Ismene's page: For Applications, maybe a link to Rate My Sister Quiz. Or Maybe she is a Fan of the Sister's Club. Use your imagination!! Mrs. P.

Well done Lang/Lit, you are nearly finished!

  • You should aim to finish by Friday 3/26 and commence editing and revising over the weekend.

  • Once pages are made, then all teams will need to comment on wall-to wall conversations.

  • Every page needs to have a large space for a wall.

  • Wall comments should resemble facebook content and can be made by friends or your own real identity.

  • There has been criticism from teams and the teachers have observed that certain members have done little or no work or communication to collaborate towards a successful project. The history and discussion areas on the team pages will tell the whole story of the process. Good luck!
  • Remember to continue typing using your assigned font color.

Antigone--teams 9, 10, 11, 12, 16
Ismene-- 1, 13, 17, 18
Creon-- 1, 14, 3, 6
Haemon-- 7
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