Part 1A:
1.) The person being interviewed is Sherman Dolman.
2.) His title was a blacksmith.
3.) Sherman Dolman was German, he was 75 years old and his race was German
4.) 3050 W St.
5.) The date of the interview was on October 17, 1938.
6.) The interviewer was George Hartman.
7.) Sherman Dolman is the one on the right of the picture below.


This picture symbolizes the Great Depression in an important way. When stock markets crashed everything fell apart. Unemployment rates went higher and higher. Everyone tried every job that they could find.. When people had no job, that meant that had no money. People were starving and sick. They couldn't afford the basic things that would need in a regular day. This picture of two men with job wanted signs on their backs symbolizes the begining of a tragic time in American history.