1. Jonathon Trumbull was born on June 6,1756, died on November 10,1843. He was born and raised in Lebanon, CT.
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Jon Trumbull grew up in Lebanon,Ct.His father was a ct patriot as well, Jonathon Trumbull Sr. His mother was Faith Robinson. When he was 15 he went to Harvard, and graduated from there in 1773. Jon Trumbull had a passion for art.
4. After graduating from Harvard he taught school for a short time and worked on his pursuit for art.John Trumbull got involved in The American Revolution after being determined as an artist to depict on canvas the American Revolution and the people who represented the birth of the new nation.He was hired by someone in Boston to paint in a studio.Jonathon made many painting on the battles in the american rev. war. Like "the
battle of bunker hill",The Death of General Montgomery at Quebec", and The Battle of Trenton".
5. He is known as a patriot in the war for being known as a spy. He was an artist who worked for the american soliders and made them paintings of the battles they were in. He was threatened on November 10, 1789 to be hung for being a spy.
6. Jonathon Trumbull was known as being an amazing artist. He has a section in Yale for his great art work on the battles and people of the American Revolution. All of his paintings are in the Yale University. New York City also supported his works, they put it in a museum in Newyork.
The paintings in Washington cannot be used, therefore, as fair examples of the art of John Trumbull, but his reputation must stand upon the original compositions. The importance of the canvases and miniatures lies in the fact that they are original portraits from life and are the work of Trumbull's early and brilliant youth and in a field in which he excelled, while the enlargements therefrom are the work of his declining years
All of his family members are dead none exsist, but if you go to Lebanon,ct i am sure you will find some Trumbull. His father had the city Trumbull, Ct named after him for the families great accomplishments there.
9. Trumbull died in 1843, and was interred on the Yale Campus under the building that contained importance of his works.His tomb says " to his country he gave his sword and his pencil".