A. The word is prevail. (Meryam)
B. Harry Potter prevailed in Quidditch when he won the Quiddich Cup. (Kamila)
C. to succeed; become dominant; win out: to wish that the right side might prevail.
www.dictionary.com --Jess K.
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"And even here, the moderates prevailed because, in one of his famous signing statements, President Bush said that he did not consider the bill’s provisions to be, in any way, binding."
This sentence is saying that the moderates won and had triumph. The moderates were greater in influence and strength in their situation.
-Blair S.

F. When I was in the fifth grade, I was an active member and enthusiastic participant at the Assembly of the Martial Arts Academy, a prestigious karate studio, where I very much enjoyed learning to defend myself. I had been involved with practicing karate since the first grade and my black belt test was fast approaching. I was extremely nervous, but I knew I was ready and I was determined to try my very best. Another brown belt and I would be showing of our acquired skills in a three and a half hour test. We needed to do every kick, punch and uppercut with perfect precision and exactness. We had to do rolls, break falls, the numbered moves one through thirty (which we’d been learning since day one), and even spar against each other and our instructors. Finally it was time to see who would walk out a black belt. I was so relieved and proud when I received my black belt, which I had been working toward for four years. I truly prevailed in achieving my main goal, and it felt great! ---gina m.---

G. This word reminds me of the book Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone. In this movie, we learn that good always prevails over evil. This book shows this because when Harry is fighting Voldemort in the dungeons of Hogwarts. Voldemort wanted the Sorceror's Stone to revive himself into a body of his own (he was inhibiting the body of Professor Quirrol). When Voldemort looks into the Mirror of Erised (the mirror that shows you what you desire the most), it would not show him where the stone was. When Harry Potter looked into the mirror, it showed him that the stone was in his pocket. When Voldemort realized this, he ordered Professor Quoirrol to attack Harry, but when Harry touched him he started to turn to dust. Harry Potter was able to recieve the stone because he did not wish to use it for selfish, evil purposes like Voldemort did. This shows that good prevailed over evil.